The Best Fat Freezing Treatment in the World

Coolsculpting® at Thérapie Clinic may be the answer if you’ve been trying to lose weight for months and need a little help getting rid of the last few pounds, or if you just want to look better and feel better in your clothes again.

Diet and exercise alone will not help you lose stubborn fat, but a non-surgical therapy like fat freezing will. Fat freezing UK

The Coolsculpting® Process

CoolSculpting® utilises Cryolipolysis, a technique that has been demonstrated to successfully freeze resistant fat cells in the body’s designated treatment locations.

There is no downtime with CoolSculpting®, unlike alternative fat freezing treatments which can have more severe side effects and often impact on other areas of the body’s skin.

In comparison to neighbouring tissues, fat cells freeze faster. Fat cells that have been treated with this method are crystallised (frozen) and eventually die. Your body naturally consumes fat and gets rid of dead cells over time, leaving you with a more contoured appearance.

These Problem Spots Are Addressed by Us

With CoolSculpting® at Thérapie Clinic, you can target specific problem areas for fat reduction. From double chins to back fat, the treatment has FDA approval in nine different locations. You will work closely with your CoolSculpting® professional to create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and your desired results.

  • Sides and Abdomen (flanks)
  • Thighs, both inner and outer
  • Bra and back fat
  • Under the chin,
  • Under the arm,
  • Beneath the Buttocks

The procedure itself will go as planned. ​

You’ll be awake the entire time, and it normally takes less than an hour.

The majority of the time, a single session is all that is required. Even if you want to have it done on several different parts of your body, this remains true.

Liposuction may be used in conjunction with lipolysis in some cases. This can lengthen the time it takes to recuperate and make it more difficult to resume normal activities. Consult your physician to learn more about what to expect.

The following is how your appointment will proceed if you’re solely getting laser lipolysis:

You’re dressed in sterile scrubs or a gown and prepared in a sterile setting, most commonly at your doctor’s office.
Once the local anaesthetic has been injected, the lipolysis will begin.
Only a millimetre or so of skin is removed from the area where you’ve accumulated excess fat during liposuction surgery.
Through the incision, your doctor puts the laser beneath your skin’s surface. Various angles will be used to move it under your skin back and forth. Heat or even cold may be experienced when in this state. You shouldn’t feel anything during the procedure because you’ll be under anaesthetic.
It is either massaged or sucked to remove the broken-up fat deposits after they have been broken up by the laser.

Soon after your doctor has performed the procedure to remove the excess fat, you’ll be able to stand, walk, and perform most of your normal daily activities again.